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Tuesday, November 15, 2011

I Heart Hot Pink

Makeup Forever's #36
I am LOVING the hot pink lipstick trend this seez!!  I found the perfect shade at Sephora and needless to say, I'm obsessed!  It's Makeup Forever's #36, and you can check it out and read the stellar reviews here.  Not only is it beautiful, but it stays on FOREVER (must be how they came up with the name)!  What got me into this trend was seeing it worn CORRECTLY.  It's definitely an easy look to get wrong, but even easier to get RIGHT, and when you do - GAWJUS!!!

Hot Pink DO!
My personal makeup philosophy is that you should either do a dark eye and light lip (I posted about THE perfect lipstick color that'll achieve this look here), OR, you should do a dark lip and natural eye.  With that philosophy in mind, it only makes sense that when you're wearing hot pink lipstick, you should avoid colored eye shadows and heavy eyeliner, which will result in a very made-up look.  Instead, keep the rest of your makeup simple, opting for a light eye in a neutral color so your lips are the primary focus.

Hot Pink DON'T!
To REALLY perfect this look, try wearing your hot pink lipstick with something unexpected.  Instead of wearing it with a fancy schmancy outfit, try it out with a cozy sweater, like this cute little striped number from Topshop; the contrast of the bright pink lips with the black and white stripes is SUPER fun.

Now all you have to do is graciously accept all of the compliments that come your way!

Makeup Forever's #36 gets a rating of 5 out of 5 lipsticks:

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