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Monday, October 31, 2011

Trick or Treat, Everybody!

No Time for Makeup?

Then The Multiple by NARS is for you!!!  It's PERFECT for those days when you don't have time to really sit and do your makeup.  The Multiple is a multi-purpose stick that goes on your eyes, cheeks, and lips (although it's a bit drying for the lips so I use whatever gloss I'm feelin' instead).  

The Picture That Inspired
The Multiple!
The story behind The Multiple is SO cool.  Years ago, there was a Harper's Bazaar spread where six makeup artists showcased a look, and the products they used were written at the bottom of the page.  On Francois Nars's page (seen at the left), only one product was written: Tangier Lipstick.  He'd used ONLY that lipstick on the model's eyes, cheeks, and lips.  It was a hit and people began trying to copy the look, but since lipstick is only meant for the lips, a new formula had to be created.  And so, The Multiple was born!

The Multiple looks great alone, or worn over whatever kind of makeup you use as a base.  Sometimes, I wear it over Bobbi Brown's SPF 25 Tinted Moisturizing Balm, which I posted about here, and then I apply a little mascara, a little gloss - and PRESTO!  It comes in lots of colors, but I like the bronze-type shades because they really give your skin a sun-kissed glow.  (The color in my makeup drawer these days is South Beach.)  It takes a minute to apply, and then you can drop it in your purse and hit the road...such a relief to carry only ONE product around!  

Most importantly, The Multiple gives you the freedom to hit the snooze button a few more times and get that LITTLE BIT of extra beauty sleep.  ;)

The Multiple by NARS gets a rating of 4 out of 5 lipsticks:

Friday, October 28, 2011

Glamour Friday: Jon's JEAN-ius Tailoring Tip

Hi Everyone, and welcome to Glamour Friday, where I share a cool and glamorous tip that I've picked up from one of my friends!  Today, I'm SO excited to introduce you to Jon Kim, a tailor who gave me the best tailoring tip I've EVER gotten.  For those of you who like your jeans long but don't want to trip over them every time you take a step, this tip's for you!
Since I'm neurotic about my jeans being the perfect length, I've frustrated many a tailor by making them spend up to half an hour sitting at my feet while I ask them to re-pin the hem over and over again.  The problem is this: I like my jeans to juuust graze the ground and even slightly cover the front of my shoe, but when they're that long, my heel gets caught on the back and I end up stepping on them.  

This is What The Back of the Jeans
Look Like On a Hanger
After the Reverse Military Cut
This is a Side View Of What the Jeans
Look Like On After the Reverse
Military Cut.  See?  Can't Even Tell!
I explained this problem to Jon the other day as I was getting a new pair of jeans hemmed (Citizens of Humanity's Angie Super Flare Jean...LOVE!).  As someone who did computer science in the South Korean army, Jon picked up a trick from the tailor there called the military cut:  People serving in the military have their pants hemmed slightly shorter in the front so they don't get caught in the shoelaces of their heavy boots.  Jon suggested I do a reverse military cut, where the pants are hemmed slightly shorter in the back so I don't step on them, but left longer in the front so I achieve the desired look. GENIUS!  The best part is, although you can see the difference in the hem when the pants are on a hanger, you can't see it at all when you're wearing them.  This tip has totally changed my life (kinda like the cheeseburger eggrolls Jon wrote about, which you can see here).  Not many tailors know about this trick, so if you can find one who does, definitely stick with 'em! 

I'm so happy to have introduced you to Jon today.  His inner glamour is evident in his kind demeanor, patience (OH, the patience!), unwavering work ethic, and obviously the love he has for his wife (which you can see above).  Visit his website at ImNoSlobNY.com - how cute is the name?! - to learn more about his environmentally-conscious cleaning business on NYC's Upper East Side, specializing in luxury goods!

Have a glamorous weekend xo!

Thursday, October 27, 2011


I never just like anything.  I'm always OBSESSED with it.  I'll never write about anything that I think is ok.  But I'll always write about something that I think is AMAZING and has "dramatically changed my life!"  I've always been a passionate type of gal, so I only find it appropriate that I share with you the things that I'm totally OBSESSED with this week, and maybe you'll become obsessed with them, too!!

Haagen-Dazs Limited Edition Bananas Foster Ice Cream
I CAN'T with this ice cream!  It's just so frikkin' delicious that I don't even know what to do with myself.  The name says it all; it literally tastes like bananas foster served cold.  Just read the description: "Rich, fresh roasted banana ice cream blended with a brown sugar and rum swirl with notes of cinnamon and nutmeg that puts the classic dessert to shame."  BEYOND.  And it's surprisingly easy to watch your portions with this; it's so sweet that just a little bowl is plenty!
Organic Waffle-Weave Towel, Set of 2, White

Williams-Sonoma Organic Waffle-Weave Towels
For those of you like me who don't have dishwashers (and even those who do), these are the FINAL WORD on dish towels!  They're SUPER absorbent, drying your dishes in one to two swipes.  AND, they wash really well and last FOREVER...I've had mine for years and put them in the washer and dryer every week, and they're as good as new.  They also make a fun little hostess gift!  You can pick them up here.  LOVE!

Copco Travel Mug - Hot Beverage To Go Cup, BPA Free
What I love the most about these travel mugs is that they're microwave and dishwasher safe!  As someone who likes my coffee piping hot, I love that I can just stick this in the microwave when I need a little warm up.  It also fits perfectly in the cup holder of your car - SUPER convenient.  And it's a great deal at $4.99.  I got mine as a gift and can't live without it!  Click here to check out the rave reviews and pick one up for yourself!  (PS...How cute are the pink ones?!)

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

10% Off at Robert G Salon!

It's official: I am now a redhead!  Yesterday, I tweeted the Before pic of myself as I was awaiting the big change, and now I'm super excited to reveal the After!!! Whaddya think??  

Call Me Red, Dahling!
Ready to Change it
Up for Fall

My Dolores!
If you like what you see and live in or around the Big Apple, visit Robert G Salon in Greenwich Village and mention The Glamour Addict to receive 10% off services with Dolores - my FABULOUS hairdresser - from now through December 31st!  Dolores just joined the team at Robert G and I can see why.  I love this place!  The first thing she did when I walked in was hand me a glass of wine (which TOTALLY helped to calm my nerves as I was changing from a brunette to a redhead).  The second thing she did was offer me a plate of cookies from Milk & Cookies - a BEYOND delicious bakery two doors down that serves up the most SCRUMPTIOUS cookies (which, BTW, are guaranteed to be a MAJOR HIT if you bring them to someone's house as a little treat)!

Chetan, Dolores, &
Genevieve of
The Robert G Salon
I just really felt like I was getting the celeb treatment.  And speaking of celebs - Sarah Jessica Parker, Gilmore Girls's Alexis Bledel, and Mariah Carey are only SOME of the famous peeps who've had their hair done at Robert G.  Oh, and did I mention that Robert G is pet friendly?  Bring in your pup and feed him or her doggie treats from the jar at the reception desk!  Such a cute little touch!

As for Dolores - she is just BEYOND!  I've been with her for a year and followed her to Robert G because I LOVE her work.  She REALLY listens to what you say and knows how to make a change that's impactful, yet subtle.  I always leave feeling  super excited as I strut down the street debuting my new locks!

So if you feel like changing it up for fall, I highly recommend you pay a visit to Dolores at Robert G.  10% off, wine, sweets, treats for your dog, and a saucy new look...it doesn't get much better than that!

PS...I recently tweeted about Essie's Midnight Cami - a gorgeous, deep blue, which I'm wearing on my nails in these pics...LOVE!
Midnight Cami

Yummy Asian Salad

A few years ago, I was out to dinner and I had the most AMAZING salad!  I usually hate salads but this one was so yummy because it consisted of alla the requisite healthy stuff, but there were some fun little surprises in it as well.  I decided to re-create it at home, and I'm so happy I did because it's one of my favorite recipes.  It's for SURE filling enough to have for dinner, and it's just so much FUN...like a little party in your salad bowl.  Dig in!

(Portions aren't written because 
YOU decide how much of each 
ingredient you want!)
Steak, cut into thin strips
Canned mandarin oranges
Baby corn
Chow mein noodles (aka crispy noodles)
Wasabi peas
Japanese/ginger-style dressing of your choice
Chopsticks (you know...to make ya feel jazzy about it!)

Heat 1-2 tsp of oil in a frying pan. Add the steak and cook to your liking.  When finished, put it aside.

Combine the rest of the ingredients in a salad bowl and add the steak.

Freak out over how DEE-LICIOUS the salad is!!!

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Good Golly, Miss Molly!

Check out the Elizabeth Kennedy dresses Molly Sims's bridesmaids wore for her recent wedding!  GAWJUS, right?  I love that they're not too "bridesmaid-ey," and that they manage to be feminine without being frilly.  And even though each one is different, they all complement each other SO beautifully.  Whatta home run!!

And check out the blushing bride below, in a light and airy stunner by Marchesa.  

Follow Your Bliss

Every year on my birthday, I treat myself to a facial at Bliss.  It was THISCLOSE to not happening this year because the esthetician immediately asked if I was there for the "ultimate anti-aging facial" and I almost ran out of the room crying.  BUT, once we got past that, I ended up learning about the best face wash/makeup remover I've EVER used!

Straight up, I gotta say that this stuff is PRICEY...$28!  But I love what it's done for my skin so much that I'm willing to shell out the dough.  Bliss Clog Dissolving Cleansing Milk smells fresh, leaves skin SUPER soft, doesn't clog pores, and ACTUALLY GETS MASCARA OFF!!!  Before discovering this product, I'd use a makeup remover and then a face wash, and both would leave my skin feeling clogged and dull.  

I was skeptical when the esthetician told me about this product simply because it was a 2-in-1 deal (kinda like how I feel about Pert Plus, ya know??).  But she taught me how to use it properly: squirt some on a wet cotton round and wipe your face with it to get makeup off (SO satisfying to see your makeup coming off on the cotton round), then squirt some into your hands and wash your face with it.  It feels super light and milky on your skin, while also doing a FANTASTIC job of removing dirt and makeup.  It also evens out the skin tone - something I've never experienced!  The areas around my nose and chin are usually red, but not anymore.  I can't say enough about this product, and encourage everyone to follow their bliss!

Monday, October 24, 2011

A Word on Being Nice

Fashion Editor Derek Blasberg's mother             

Snow Blanket Cardigan

Recently, I was feeling kinda frustrated with the whole world of cardigans.  I know there are millions of cardis out there, but it seems the silhouette is always the same.  I was just feeling bored with the whole thing.  UNTIL....I discovered Quicksilver's Snow Blanket Cardigan, shown below!

BEYOND!  Just the name itself is adorable and conjures up images of a steaming mug of hot chocolate and coziness by the fireplace.  With a sweet Fair Isle pattern, blanket-inspired fringe, and a fun silhouette to boot, this cardi is a cool and welcome change from all of those other cardis that were just getting kinda boring!  I love how you can wear it with one side thrown over your shoulder and just get REALLY snuggly.  And you can totally dress it up or down; I've worn it with thigh high flat boots, and also with cozy gray sneaks and my hair in a messy bun.  It's so versatile, so cozy, and just so DIFFERENT!  Quicksilver, you rock!! 

Friday, October 21, 2011

Glamour Friday: Ali's Inspiration Blackboard!

It is with CRAZY excitement that I welcome you to The Glamour Addict's launch of Glamour Fridays!  Each Friday, you'll see a feature on someone who's EXTRAORDINARILY glamorous, from the inside out.  You'll be able to pick up a cool tip that's inspired me, and also hear a little bit about what glamour means to them.  

With that being said, it is my PLEASURE to introduce you to my big sister, Ali!

Ali has the BEST sense of style and I'm convinced she was an interior decorator in her past life.  She decorates with cozy furniture, peaceful little Buddhas and big hurricane candles, jars of colored sprinkles and bowls of candy corn.  Everywhere you turn, there's another whimsical surprise.  But the BEST tip I picked up from her is Ali's Inspiration Blackboard, shown below.

This is really where my big sister's creativity and inner glamour come pouring out of her.  She hangs a gold-framed blackboard on the wall as a piece of art, and writes a quote about whatever inspires her at the time - it's almost like a little love note to herself.  

I thought this was such a cute idea that I got my own, less expensive Inspiration Blackboard until I felt like splurging on the real deal.  I found a smaller-but-still-adorable version for $12.99 at Staples, and painted the wooden frame white.  My favorite thing to do is ask people to leave notes on it when they come over, like Ali's note from when she recently stopped by, below.  The fact that the "art" is always changing is really fun and adds a personal touch to your abode!  

I'm so excited to have shared my big sister's tip with you.  Her glamour just radiates from the inside out, and I hope it inspired you today, just as its inspired me all my life!

Visit Ballard Designs to buy Ali's Inspiration Blackboard; it comes in a couple-a sizes.  Have a glamorous weekend xo!

Thursday, October 20, 2011

Cheeseburger Eggrolls

Step I'm not kidding when I say that it is IMPERATIVE that you stop whatever you're doing and pay close attention, because your life's about to change when you read these two words: CHEESEBURGER EGGROLLS.  I know!!!  I'm almost at a loss for words (ALMOST).  I was on the elliptical watching Rachael Ray (why do I do this to myself?), when she started cookin' these puppies up.  Since fried food is the reason I was AT the gym in the first place, I immediately got ready to change the channel.  But THEN, my sweet little Ray Ray said that her cheeseburger eggrolls are BAKED - not fried.  !!!!!  AND, after checking out her recipe, I figured out a couple of ways to lighten 'em up, which you can see below.  Serve them along with Rachael's russian dressing dipper, and CHANGE...YOUR...LIFE!!!

One thing to note: The recipe yields 15 eggrolls, but I made 10 because I wanted them to be a bit bigger, and they were actually REALLY filling.  Two of them with a big salad makes a delicious dinner.  You can put the rest in the freezer, and when you're ready for more, thaw them out for a few hours and then throw 'em in the toaster oven at 375 for 5 minutes.**

Lighten up the eggrolls by:
 Using a teaspoon of EVOO instead of the recommend tablespoon.
 Using reduced fat or fat free yellow cheddar cheese.

Lighten up the russian dressing dipper by:
 Using reduced fat or fat free sour cream.

**Side effects may include saying, "Oh My God" nonstop and total euphoria.

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Cover Your Ass

Does everyone agree with me when I say that leggings are NOT pants??  I've found that the cutest/most appropriate way to rock 'em is with a cozy sweater, a la Jessica Alba, below.  The prob is, it's hard to find an oversize sweater that doesn't look like you borrowed it from your dad.      

Accessorize with a chunky
scarf and oversize bag for a
supremely cozy look!
Well, I THINK I may have found a WACKY solution: the maternity sweater.  I know...sounds crazy, right?  But actually, it's kinda perfect.

I discovered this at Old Navy, where I picked up some cozy leopard boots, which I posted about here.  I knew they'd look great with leggings and a black sweater, but I didn't have a sweater that was long enough.  As a joke, I wandered into the maternity section, grabbed a v-neck in a small, and headed to the dressing room.  

The result was AMAZING, and here's why: The maternity sweater is built for a woman who's growing primarily in her belly, while the shape of her arms remains mostly the same.  So when I tried it on, the arms fit perfectly.  And while the sweater's slightly baggy (which it should be when worn with leggings), the rib-knit hem prevents it from being TOO baggy, while also doing a perfect job of covering your bum.  In other words, it doesn't look like a maternity sweater!

Check out Old Navy's Maternity Side-Shirred V-Neck sweaters here.  Ohhhh baby!

Cold Weather Organization

"In the home, a product doesn’t always have to be used for its intended purpose." 

- Nate Berkus

It is this decorating tip (my all-time fave) that propelled me to look at all household items with new eyes, including Bed Bath and Beyond’s Polyester 6-Shelf Sweater Organizer - the perfect buy for the home now that the cold weather's on its way.  BUT, I don't use it for sweaters....

Miss you!
I 'd never been able to figure out how to organize the random items in my coat closet (hats, scarves, etc.), so everything ended up in a messy pile on my top shelf.  That is, UNTIL...I was at Bed Bath and Beyond when I had what Oprah would call my “Aha!” moment.   I wound up in the garment storage section and saw the Polyester 6-Shelf Sweater Organizer.   *Sigh*  I think the angels sang to me that day.  

As you can tell by the name, this product’s “intended use” is for sweaters.  HOWEVA, I realized that I could use it to organize my hats, scarves, gloves, and even my little clutches.  It’s such a great space-saver, allowing me to use the top shelf for bigger bags and other items.  AND, since it’s at eye level, it's super easy to match my scarves and gloves to the jacket I’m wearing.  Plus, it just LOOKS so nice and organized, like my own little boutique!

You can see from my picture that mine are white and don’t have the side compartments, but I think I just may have to get the purple ones b/c they’re bright, fun, and a total steal at $6.99!  Get them here.  Happy organizing!

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Leapin' Leopards!

They say a leopard can't change its spots.  Well thank goodness for that because without these crazy jungle cats, Old Navy wouldn't have gotten the inspiration for their Faux-Suede Leopard Adoraboots!  Mee-owww!

Leopard is a big trend this fall, but PERS-onally, I think it's timeless.  Just be careful not to wear too many pieces at once or you'll wind up with a black bar over your face in Glamour Magazine's "Don't" section! (TOTALLY the first page I go to when reading it, btw.)

I just adore the fact that Old Navy thought of a way to make leopard casual.  The Adoraboots have become my go-to's for all kindsa low-key outings: traipsing around the hood to get coffee, running errands, seeing a movie on a snuggly Sunday....
Wear One Leopard Piece
At A Time A La Audrey

I gotta say - if you click on the link I gave you above, you'll see some bad reviews of these boots, and I'm not sure why!  The only thing that rings true is that the boots run a bit small, so I suggest trying them on in-store.  At only $36.94, they're a total bargain, and I love their lightweight feel and how toasty they are; I even wore them while helping my parents move and was super comfy the whole time.  

Pair the Adoraboots with black leggings and an oversize black sweater for a casual yet sophisticated look...such a cute way to punch up an outfit!

Free Gift Wrap

Click to Enlarge
Who doesn't love presents?!  Getting them is always a treat, but giving them can be just as delicious!  That's why I'm excited to share my gift wrapping idea with you.  I call it "magazine gift wrap."

A few years ago, I was leaving for a friend's birthday party when I realized I hadn't wrapped her present and was out of paper.  As I waited for a creative bolt of lightning to strike, I flipped through my People Magazine and came across the celebrity birthday page.  One of the birthdays was the same as my friend's.  Then it hit me: Why don't I wrap her present in THIS?!  I tore the page out, wrapped the present, and ended up being the hit of gift-giving time!  My gift looked totally different than everyone else's, and was also a really fun conversation piece.  

Click to Enlarge
Recently, I received a catalog from The Rug Company, and one of the pages was blue, with the quote "Creativity Takes Courage" written in white.  This reminded me of a friend who's starting a new business.  I wrapped her little "good luck" gift (Exes and Ohs, which I recently posted about) in this page, and she was so touched by the sentiment.  

So the next time you receive a catalog in the mail, flip through to see if there are any interesting pictures you can use as "magazine gift wrap."  It just goes to show...the love really is in the details!

Think Pink

I don't know about you, but as far as makeup goes, I absolutely DIE for a 50's-inspired look with dark eyes and light lips, a la Brigette Bardot!  The combination of a dark and smokey eye with a sweet and innocent lip just screams BOMBSHELL!  That's why I was BEYOND excited when I found Wet N' Wild's Mega Last Lip Color in Think Pink.  

I'd been looking for a bubblegum shade like this for years, and had spent LOTS o' money on swankier brands.  Turns out, the answer was two blocks away at my local drugstore, for $3.00!  In-sane.

Think Pink
Think Pink is a matte color, which I happen to love.  However, if that's not your style, you can always swipe some gloss over it for a shinier look.  The color does have two tiny drawbacks.  It goes on a bit heavy and can leave a tiny chalk line on the lips.  (If you apply it and pucker your lips in the mirror, you'll see a distinct line between where you've applied it and the rest of your lips.)  To fix this, I lightly lick the tip of my finger and dab it along the line, blending it in.  It can also be a tad drying, which is easily fixed by making sure to apply a smooth chapstick beforehand.  (I'm OBSESSED with Softlips, also available at drugstores.)  These are minor issues that can be easily solved...once you start wearing it, you'll figure out just how to work it and you'll be thinkin' pink in no time!

Wet N' Wild's Mega Last Lip Color in Think Pink gets a rating of 4 out of 5 lipsticks: