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Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Free Gift Wrap

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Who doesn't love presents?!  Getting them is always a treat, but giving them can be just as delicious!  That's why I'm excited to share my gift wrapping idea with you.  I call it "magazine gift wrap."

A few years ago, I was leaving for a friend's birthday party when I realized I hadn't wrapped her present and was out of paper.  As I waited for a creative bolt of lightning to strike, I flipped through my People Magazine and came across the celebrity birthday page.  One of the birthdays was the same as my friend's.  Then it hit me: Why don't I wrap her present in THIS?!  I tore the page out, wrapped the present, and ended up being the hit of gift-giving time!  My gift looked totally different than everyone else's, and was also a really fun conversation piece.  

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Recently, I received a catalog from The Rug Company, and one of the pages was blue, with the quote "Creativity Takes Courage" written in white.  This reminded me of a friend who's starting a new business.  I wrapped her little "good luck" gift (Exes and Ohs, which I recently posted about) in this page, and she was so touched by the sentiment.  

So the next time you receive a catalog in the mail, flip through to see if there are any interesting pictures you can use as "magazine gift wrap."  It just goes to show...the love really is in the details!

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