Who's This Glamour Girl?

Saturday, July 14, 2012

This Week....

You know that lovely floral scent you smell when you walk into a flower shop?  Well, the Modern Notes home fragrance diffuser and reed set in Flower Market will make your abode smell JUST like that.  Very light and fresh, this scent is perfect for summer!

Am continuing to have so much fun mixing and matching different prints and patterns!  Although the pieces from this outfit are no longer available (ModCloth dress, Old Navy shirt, Ann Taylor shoes), part of the fun of experimenting with this trend is shopping in your own closet and seeing what kindsa different outfits you can come up with!

Love relaxing or running errands in this vintage-looking Cookie Monster T!

Essie's Cascade Cool Nail Polish - new from Essie's summer collection.  Also posted about it here.

Wearing an Anthropologie dress for a night out to dinner at Union Square Cafe.  Can you believe I found it in the LOUNGE section?!