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Friday, January 13, 2012

Glamour Friday: I Heart James Spader

Welcome to Glamour Friday, everyone!  Today, I wanted to share the sweetest video of James Spader's recent appearance on Ellen!

Sometimes, a person does something that makes you look at them in a whole different light.  When I saw JS on this adorable segment, I was literally swooning over him and his thoughtfulness, and now, I officially love him forever!  Watch when you have 4 minutes and 55 seconds to spare...I'm telling you, it'll be the most heartwarming 4 minutes and 55 seconds of your day, and you'll be smiling from ear-to-ear by the end!

James...Maybe you weren't so nice in Pretty in Pink, but all is forgiven because now we know that in real life, you're a GEM!!!

Have a glamorous weekend xo!

30% Off All Coats & Jackets at Shopkempt!

Hi Everyone!  Well, being that it's Friday the 13th and it's easy to get a little spooked, I thought I'd calm those nerves by bringing some fun news your way:

Jaid Tribal Cardi
(Click Image to Enlarge)
Shopkempt.com - the very first sponsor of The Glamour Addict! - is having a CUH-RAZY 30% off sale on all coats and jackets!  

Personally, I have my eye on the Jaid Tribal Cardi...it's reduced from $42 to $23 and would look so cool styled with a white tank, skinny jeans, and flats!

Click the pic on the right side of the page to peep Shopkempt's FABULOUS options!

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Alexa Chung's Amazing Dress Idea!

So, I totally swooned when I recently saw Alexa Chung wearing this awesome outfit on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon!  Check it out:


Alexa is just on an ANOTHER LEVEL with her out-of-the-box ideas!!!  Her "dress" is actually a COAT from the Marc Jacobs Spring/Summer 2012 collection.  (Her shoes are Marc, too.)  I mean...how cool and creative is that?!  And I love the idea of the black opaque tights; they add a slightly more casual element, and also prevent the look from being too shiny.  So peep these coats/dresses below, grab some cozy tights and cute shoes, and take a cue from Alexa!

Anthropologie Draconid Coat

Topshop Boucle Loop Collar Coat

Emerson Made London Coat

River Island Orange Floral Print Jacket
(LOVE this option with a belt tied around it!)

Trashy Diva Courtney Coat Dress (RED) 

20th Century Foxy Courtney Coat Dress (BLACK)

Wuthering Delights Coat
ModCloth Wuthering Delights Coat

Monday, January 2, 2012


Happy New Year, Everyone!  Well, we're only two days into 2012, and already, I have a whole slew of things I'm obsessed with this year!  Check 'em out!!!!

Check out this adorable sticker they used on my tissue wrap at J. Crew during the holidays!  To me, a sticker is a fun little touch that never goes out of style.  Lately, every time I give someone a card, I seal it with an ol' fashioned scratch n' sniff sticker, and it always makes people laugh...I  mean, who doesn't love a scratch n' sniff sticker?!  I got mine from this site, and since I only ordered a few sheets, they sent me two additional sheets for free, which they called their "small order special."  So cute!

Cozy PJ's
A cozy Christmas present from my sister!

*Sigh*  My favorite thing about the winter...cuddling up with a soft throw blanket and some delicious PJ's (AND my guilty pleasure - The Bachelor - which premieres tonight)!
(PS...Get the cozy throw blanket in the above pic here and the PJ's in the above pic here.)

Madewell Bracelets
I just adore the new little bangles from Madewell!  The arrow drop bracelet (above) is sold out - unless you can find one at your local store.  BUT, they have plenty of other ADORABLE options, each with its own sweet and unique detail...so much fun to mix n' match!

Hello Kitty Band-Aids
Hello Kitty just makes alla your boo-boo's better!  
Hey, if she's good enough for Carrie Underwood, she's good enough for me!  Pick some up here.

Epinette Diptyque Candle
YUM!  I got this as a Christmas present from my parents and it's been making my apartment smell like winter every night since!  You can pick one up here...HEAVEN!

Lauren Elan "Elena" Necklace
I'd been looking for a chunky pearl necklace for ages, and was BEYOND excited when I found this one by Lauren Elan!  It sits just perfectly on the neck, and can be dressed up or down.  (It adds a SUPER STYLISH element to a button up shirt...WOW!)  Just an FYI...the pearls have a tiny hint of a silver sheen to them in person.  Click here to check out some of Lauren's other stylish gems...love how everything she designs makes a statement!

Ben & Jerry's Oatmeal Cookie Chunk Ice Cream
I mean...!!!!  Just read the description!  This is definitely one of my all-time favorite ice cream flavors.  I've been having a little bowl of it for dessert every night...such a treat!  Pick some up at your local grocery store.

Sabon Milky Soap in Rose Tea
Mmmm!  I love everything about this product from Sabon, from the pretty glass bottle to the fact that it serves as both a body wash AND bubble bath (perfect on a cold winter night)!  The milky quality leaves skin feeling LUXURIOUSLY soft, no matter how you use it.  It's available in a variety of scents, but my favorite is the Rose Tea.  Every time I use it, my whole bathroom smells like a garden!

PS...Sabon is a great place to get gifts for guys OR girls (or for yourself, of course ;)!  I posted about their amazing shower oil for men here, which I bought as a gift this holiday season for some of the men in my life, who LOVED it!  Take a look at the pic of their gift boxes below...such a chic touch!

Shit Girls Say

Shit Girls say is a web-series based on a Twitter feed by filmmaker Graydon Sheppard and his partner Kyle Humphrey.  Made up of totally cliche and COMPLETELY hilarious one-liners associated with girls, Shit Girls say is the most hysterical web-series ever!!!  Check out the first three episodes below!

Shit Girls Say - Episode 1

Shit Girls Say - Episode 2

Shit Girls Say - Episode 3