Who's This Glamour Girl?

Friday, January 13, 2012

Glamour Friday: I Heart James Spader

Welcome to Glamour Friday, everyone!  Today, I wanted to share the sweetest video of James Spader's recent appearance on Ellen!

Sometimes, a person does something that makes you look at them in a whole different light.  When I saw JS on this adorable segment, I was literally swooning over him and his thoughtfulness, and now, I officially love him forever!  Watch when you have 4 minutes and 55 seconds to spare...I'm telling you, it'll be the most heartwarming 4 minutes and 55 seconds of your day, and you'll be smiling from ear-to-ear by the end!

James...Maybe you weren't so nice in Pretty in Pink, but all is forgiven because now we know that in real life, you're a GEM!!!

Have a glamorous weekend xo!


  1. Yes, he is! I have met James and talked to him and his girlfriend (Leslie Stefanson); both of them are very nice people.

    I loved this segment on Ellen. So many people don't like him because they think he is the jerk he played in so many movies; he's not a jerk, just a very good actor who is good at playing these kinds of characters. It was really nice to see him as he is in real life...a good person.

  2. That's so cool that you met him and his gf, and even cooler that they're both very nice!!! He's DEFINITELY shot up to the top of my list of favorite celebs!