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Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Alexa Chung's Amazing Dress Idea!

So, I totally swooned when I recently saw Alexa Chung wearing this awesome outfit on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon!  Check it out:


Alexa is just on an ANOTHER LEVEL with her out-of-the-box ideas!!!  Her "dress" is actually a COAT from the Marc Jacobs Spring/Summer 2012 collection.  (Her shoes are Marc, too.)  I mean...how cool and creative is that?!  And I love the idea of the black opaque tights; they add a slightly more casual element, and also prevent the look from being too shiny.  So peep these coats/dresses below, grab some cozy tights and cute shoes, and take a cue from Alexa!

Anthropologie Draconid Coat

Topshop Boucle Loop Collar Coat

Emerson Made London Coat

River Island Orange Floral Print Jacket
(LOVE this option with a belt tied around it!)

Trashy Diva Courtney Coat Dress (RED) 

20th Century Foxy Courtney Coat Dress (BLACK)

Wuthering Delights Coat
ModCloth Wuthering Delights Coat

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