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Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Cover Your Ass

Does everyone agree with me when I say that leggings are NOT pants??  I've found that the cutest/most appropriate way to rock 'em is with a cozy sweater, a la Jessica Alba, below.  The prob is, it's hard to find an oversize sweater that doesn't look like you borrowed it from your dad.      

Accessorize with a chunky
scarf and oversize bag for a
supremely cozy look!
Well, I THINK I may have found a WACKY solution: the maternity sweater.  I know...sounds crazy, right?  But actually, it's kinda perfect.

I discovered this at Old Navy, where I picked up some cozy leopard boots, which I posted about here.  I knew they'd look great with leggings and a black sweater, but I didn't have a sweater that was long enough.  As a joke, I wandered into the maternity section, grabbed a v-neck in a small, and headed to the dressing room.  

The result was AMAZING, and here's why: The maternity sweater is built for a woman who's growing primarily in her belly, while the shape of her arms remains mostly the same.  So when I tried it on, the arms fit perfectly.  And while the sweater's slightly baggy (which it should be when worn with leggings), the rib-knit hem prevents it from being TOO baggy, while also doing a perfect job of covering your bum.  In other words, it doesn't look like a maternity sweater!

Check out Old Navy's Maternity Side-Shirred V-Neck sweaters here.  Ohhhh baby!

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