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Monday, October 24, 2011

Snow Blanket Cardigan

Recently, I was feeling kinda frustrated with the whole world of cardigans.  I know there are millions of cardis out there, but it seems the silhouette is always the same.  I was just feeling bored with the whole thing.  UNTIL....I discovered Quicksilver's Snow Blanket Cardigan, shown below!

BEYOND!  Just the name itself is adorable and conjures up images of a steaming mug of hot chocolate and coziness by the fireplace.  With a sweet Fair Isle pattern, blanket-inspired fringe, and a fun silhouette to boot, this cardi is a cool and welcome change from all of those other cardis that were just getting kinda boring!  I love how you can wear it with one side thrown over your shoulder and just get REALLY snuggly.  And you can totally dress it up or down; I've worn it with thigh high flat boots, and also with cozy gray sneaks and my hair in a messy bun.  It's so versatile, so cozy, and just so DIFFERENT!  Quicksilver, you rock!! 

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