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Thursday, October 20, 2011

Cheeseburger Eggrolls

Step I'm not kidding when I say that it is IMPERATIVE that you stop whatever you're doing and pay close attention, because your life's about to change when you read these two words: CHEESEBURGER EGGROLLS.  I know!!!  I'm almost at a loss for words (ALMOST).  I was on the elliptical watching Rachael Ray (why do I do this to myself?), when she started cookin' these puppies up.  Since fried food is the reason I was AT the gym in the first place, I immediately got ready to change the channel.  But THEN, my sweet little Ray Ray said that her cheeseburger eggrolls are BAKED - not fried.  !!!!!  AND, after checking out her recipe, I figured out a couple of ways to lighten 'em up, which you can see below.  Serve them along with Rachael's russian dressing dipper, and CHANGE...YOUR...LIFE!!!

One thing to note: The recipe yields 15 eggrolls, but I made 10 because I wanted them to be a bit bigger, and they were actually REALLY filling.  Two of them with a big salad makes a delicious dinner.  You can put the rest in the freezer, and when you're ready for more, thaw them out for a few hours and then throw 'em in the toaster oven at 375 for 5 minutes.**

Lighten up the eggrolls by:
 Using a teaspoon of EVOO instead of the recommend tablespoon.
 Using reduced fat or fat free yellow cheddar cheese.

Lighten up the russian dressing dipper by:
 Using reduced fat or fat free sour cream.

**Side effects may include saying, "Oh My God" nonstop and total euphoria.

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  1. Amy - I'm so glad you're still doing this blog thing :) I lost track of you for a while! Good GOD you are one hilarious biaaatch...xoxo, E