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Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Leapin' Leopards!

They say a leopard can't change its spots.  Well thank goodness for that because without these crazy jungle cats, Old Navy wouldn't have gotten the inspiration for their Faux-Suede Leopard Adoraboots!  Mee-owww!

Leopard is a big trend this fall, but PERS-onally, I think it's timeless.  Just be careful not to wear too many pieces at once or you'll wind up with a black bar over your face in Glamour Magazine's "Don't" section! (TOTALLY the first page I go to when reading it, btw.)

I just adore the fact that Old Navy thought of a way to make leopard casual.  The Adoraboots have become my go-to's for all kindsa low-key outings: traipsing around the hood to get coffee, running errands, seeing a movie on a snuggly Sunday....
Wear One Leopard Piece
At A Time A La Audrey

I gotta say - if you click on the link I gave you above, you'll see some bad reviews of these boots, and I'm not sure why!  The only thing that rings true is that the boots run a bit small, so I suggest trying them on in-store.  At only $36.94, they're a total bargain, and I love their lightweight feel and how toasty they are; I even wore them while helping my parents move and was super comfy the whole time.  

Pair the Adoraboots with black leggings and an oversize black sweater for a casual yet sophisticated look...such a cute way to punch up an outfit!

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