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Monday, October 17, 2011

I Got The Blues

School of Hard Rocks
Fall is here, and I'm totally diggin' the fact that blue nails are a MAJOR trend this seez.  Everywhere I look, there are gorgeous navy blues, blues with shimmer, blues with sparkle...such a cool and welcome change from the pinks and corals of summer.

WELL, I think I just found the FUNNEST blue of them all!  Essie's Winter 2011 collection features a new color called The School of Hard Rocks.  LOVE!  Don't get me wrong - those royal blues are absolutely stunning.  But if you're in the mood to change it up a bit while staying in the blue family, The School of Hard Rocks is perfect.  What's so cool about this shade is it's a COMPLETELY different color than any other blue you'll see, almost appearing to have a hint of green in it.  It's definitely my favorite color this season.  I've been staring at my nails since I applied it, and you will be too if you pick up a bottle here.

*Le sigh*  Turns out having the blues isn't so bad after all!

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