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Friday, October 28, 2011

Glamour Friday: Jon's JEAN-ius Tailoring Tip

Hi Everyone, and welcome to Glamour Friday, where I share a cool and glamorous tip that I've picked up from one of my friends!  Today, I'm SO excited to introduce you to Jon Kim, a tailor who gave me the best tailoring tip I've EVER gotten.  For those of you who like your jeans long but don't want to trip over them every time you take a step, this tip's for you!
Since I'm neurotic about my jeans being the perfect length, I've frustrated many a tailor by making them spend up to half an hour sitting at my feet while I ask them to re-pin the hem over and over again.  The problem is this: I like my jeans to juuust graze the ground and even slightly cover the front of my shoe, but when they're that long, my heel gets caught on the back and I end up stepping on them.  

This is What The Back of the Jeans
Look Like On a Hanger
After the Reverse Military Cut
This is a Side View Of What the Jeans
Look Like On After the Reverse
Military Cut.  See?  Can't Even Tell!
I explained this problem to Jon the other day as I was getting a new pair of jeans hemmed (Citizens of Humanity's Angie Super Flare Jean...LOVE!).  As someone who did computer science in the South Korean army, Jon picked up a trick from the tailor there called the military cut:  People serving in the military have their pants hemmed slightly shorter in the front so they don't get caught in the shoelaces of their heavy boots.  Jon suggested I do a reverse military cut, where the pants are hemmed slightly shorter in the back so I don't step on them, but left longer in the front so I achieve the desired look. GENIUS!  The best part is, although you can see the difference in the hem when the pants are on a hanger, you can't see it at all when you're wearing them.  This tip has totally changed my life (kinda like the cheeseburger eggrolls Jon wrote about, which you can see here).  Not many tailors know about this trick, so if you can find one who does, definitely stick with 'em! 

I'm so happy to have introduced you to Jon today.  His inner glamour is evident in his kind demeanor, patience (OH, the patience!), unwavering work ethic, and obviously the love he has for his wife (which you can see above).  Visit his website at ImNoSlobNY.com - how cute is the name?! - to learn more about his environmentally-conscious cleaning business on NYC's Upper East Side, specializing in luxury goods!

Have a glamorous weekend xo!

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