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Thursday, November 17, 2011



Today is a VERY big day over here!  I have officially gotten my first sponsor for The Glamour Addict, and I am like...BOUNCING OFF THE WALLS with excitement - not only because I'm so happy to have a sponsor, but because I'm SO happy to talk about the company sponsoring me - ShopKempt.com.  LOVE!

Ya simply can't go wrong with anything from ShopKempt, which is why I asked to be associated with them.  PLUS, everyone who I dealt with there was sweet, helpful, and so encouraging, which of course, makes me love them even more!  So thank you to ShopKempt for sponsoring me, and for your AWESOME clothes!

Click on the links below to peep some of my favorite pieces at ShompKempt right now.  OR, click on the ShopKempt pic on the right side of the page to see more.

Morrison Ferry Blazer  
A traditional blazer with an edge.  LOVE!  

Romantic Ruche Blouse
Sweet, feminine, and on sale...can't beat that!

Daniella Rhinestone Headband
Put your hair in a messy side braid and add a little sparkle with one of these puppies!

Emella Sequin Skirt
SO cute for the holidays, and SO reasonably priced.  LOVE!

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