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Tuesday, November 1, 2011


Pics like this are all over the
Dropbox tutorial...so cute! 
We Sex and the City fans have all seen the episode where Carrie's computer crashes and she freaks out because she hasn't backed up her work.  (*Sigh*  Miss you, SJP!)  Well, when I decided it was time to back up my files, I asked my friend Dan, who's an expert on all things technological, what the best idea was.  He introduced me to my new favorite (and FREE!) internet service: Dropbox.com.  I could not be more excited to tell you about it.  THE BEST!

Dropbox is a SUPER easy and convenient way to back up your documents and pictures.  (I wouldn't be able to use it if it wasn't easy!)  It's a "cloud-based" system, meaning it saves files on a folder over the internet - it's password protected, of course - so if your computer crashes, you can go right onto another one and access your files from the Dropbox site.  It ALSO happens to sync up with your phone and any other gadgets you have (AMAZING).  And it's a great way to share pics: Just email someone a Dropbox folder of your pictures for viewing.  

Take a tour of Dropbox to learn more.  The tutorial has the cutest little cartoon with a voice over explaining everything you need to know.  I'm telling you - the mental reassurance this site has given me is ridiculous!  When I update a file, I take a sec to copy and paste it from my hard drive's folder into the folder on the Dropbox site, and I know if anything happens to my computer, my files won't be lost.  

So thanks to Dan for this AWESOME tip!  (He's cute, right?!)

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