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Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Rain, Rain, Go Away!

rain, rain, rain

Although Memorial Day just passed, marking the unofficial start of summer, it's been RIDICULOUSLY dreary here in NYC...raining almost every day for two weeks and still going!  Yuk!  When this type of weather hits, the LAST thing I wanna do is get all dolled up. HOWEVA, I still wanna feel cute, so peep the outfit below that I wore when I met up with my friend, Tracy, for a casual night out!

 A little clip from one of the most classic movie songs of all time!  Wish I had this attitude every time it rained, seriously!!!

I can't even tell you many people have actually stopped me on the street and asked me about this adorable umbrella.  The sweetest little rain protector ever!

Shirt: BDG Boyfriend Flannel (similar here)
Vest: Aeropostale (similar here)
Jeans: Gap Legging Jeans (similar here)
Socks: Madewell Over-the-Knee Socks (similar here)

Pearl Bracelets: H&M (similar here)
Studded Wrap Bracelet: Aldo (similar here)
Bangle: Madewell Arrow Drop Bracelet (similar here)
Earrings: A gift from when I was very LEETLE!  Am peeping these now, though!
Watch: Michael Kors (Check out all of his rose gold watches here)

Ring (added at the last minute): Aldo (similar here)

And check out these super sweet rain boots that my friend, Melissa, was wearing.  Feminine AND practical...ya can't go wrong!  Since the ones she wore are currently sold out, you can pick 'em up in navy here, or find a similar pair here.

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