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Sunday, June 24, 2012

Guest Blogger: Jessica Introduces the Cutest App!

Hi, Everyone!

I wanted to introduce you to my hilarious friend, Jessica.  LOVE her!  She told me about the CUTEST app the other day that's become my new obsession, and we decided it MUST be shared with you.  Read all about it below!
How great is her curly hair?!
Hey, Glamour Addicts!

This is Jessica, with the infamous mole, and I had to tell you about the best free app out there!!! It's a little something called Swackett. It's a new kind of weather app
 that actually tells you what you want to know when you check the weather: what to wear!

Swackett features "peeps" - guys and gals (pets included!) adorably dressed in weather-appropriate clothing for that particular day (earmuffs and a long coat on cold days, a sundress and flip flops on hot days...) so you know exactly how to dress when you head out of the house. The peeps will even remind you to bring your umbrella if it's raining, or to put some sunscreen or a water bottle into your bag if it's really hot. There are also LOTS of other features, including current weather details, an hourly forecast for the next twenty-four hours, daily forecasts for the next five days, and fun facts (dirty snow melts faster than clean snow...who knew??).  

Swackett is a free app for your iPhone and can be found in your iPhone's app store.  It's also available for iPad, Mac, and as a web app, too!

Happy dressing!

Jess xo

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