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Friday, June 15, 2012

Mixin' n' Matchin'

I'm totally diggin' this new idea of mixing and matching all types of patterns.  
PERSonally, I think this trend is here to stay.  It is in MY wardrobe, at least!

Cardigan: Banana Republic (old)
Top: Anthropologie Henga Shirtdress (worn as a shirt)...currently on sale!
Shoes: J. Crew Viv Bow Flats

Anthropologie Henga Shirtdress
I wore this as a top, but can't wait to wear it as a dress in the summer!

Take a look at a close up of the pattern on the 
Anthropologie Henga Shirtdress: Parrots!  So 
funky and adorable!

Photo Credit: My super cool friend, Melissa.  Check out her kick-ass blog at: www.thefatapplenyc.com

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