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Sunday, June 17, 2012

Little Home Ideas

Sometimes, all it takes is a teeny little thing to give a little oomph to your living space! Check out two of my ideas below!

Add a little somethin' to your coffee table by gussying up a candle!
Here's whatcha need:
Stop by your local Bed Bath & Beyond and pick up:
1. 2 little bags of sand.
2. 1 little bag of tiny shimmer rocks.
3. 1 little bag of shells. 
(The items above are all found in the same section.)
4. 1 large glass bowl.
5. 1 large glass candle. (Bed Bath and Beyond sells tons of candles, but the one in my pics is from Anthropologie.  It's important the candle is glass or see-through so the light from the flame shines through the jar, which will then give the effect of softly lighting the sand and seashells around it.)

Throw everything in the large glass bowl (sand on the bottom, tiny shimmer rocks and shells on the top), and stick the candle in the center.

This is what it looks like during the day, when the candle isn't lit.

Voila!  This is what it looks like at night, when the candle is lit.  So pretty, and SO cozy!

Put your nail polish on display...such a chic way to decorate!
This is where I used to keep my nail polish - in an old Barney's hat box that I had tucked away inside a drawer.

I realized that nail polish is so pretty!  Why not put it where I can see and enjoy it every day?  I ended up rearranging my little perfume tray and making room for alla my colors...this little display just makes me so happy every time I see it!

Check out one of my favorite colors...Butter London's Teddy Girl...LOVE, espesh for the spring and summer!

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