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Wednesday, December 14, 2011

10 Holiday-Themed Romantic Comedies To Watch!

Nothing gets me in the mood for holiday time like watching a good, fun, Christmas-themed romantic comedy!  Lately, I've been watching some of my favorites and I am totally feelin' the holiday spirit.  I thought I'd share ten of my holiday faves with you, so get ready to slip into something cozy, snuggle up under a blanket, and set up camp on the couch for a night of love, laughter, tears, and ALWAYS a happy ending!

John Cusack and Kate Beckinsale star in this romantic comedy that's all about fate.  Jeremy Piven (pre-Ari Gold days) and John Corbett (HILARIOUS here) also star.  Taking place all around NYC at holiday time, this movie is guaranteed to get you in the mood for Christmas, with appearances by Bloomingdale's, Central Park's famed Wollman Ice Skating Rink, Serendipity 3 (home of the original Frozen Hot Chocolate and SUCH a fun place to go during the holidays), and lots of other winter-y eye candy!  Click here for a preview.

While You Were Sleeping
LOVE this movie about lonely transit worker Lucy (Sandra Bullock) who, through a series of events, ends up pretending to be engaged to a VERY handsome man in a coma (Peter Gallagher, aka Sandy Cohen from The OC).  After being taken in by the man's relatives during holiday time, Lucy finally feels like she has a family of her own as she starts to become close to this tight-knit group - ESPECIALLY one cutie pie in particular (played by Bill Pullman)!  This movie just OOZES warmth and coziness.  LOVE!  Click here for a preview.

Love Actually
OBVIOUSLY!!!  Ya just can't have a holiday movie list without this instant classic on there! Set during Christmastime, this movie follows the lives of a variety of Londoners  (Hugh Grant, Colin Firth, Emma Thompson, and Keira Knightley - to name a few) who are each experiencing their own love story.  Some of the stories intertwine, and ALL of them will bring a LEETLE tear to your eye!  Click here for a preview.

When Harry Met Sally...
I mean...!!  Friendship, laughter, love, longing for a special someone during the holidays and suddenly realizing they're right under your nose, Meg Ryan, Billy Crystal, I'll have what she's having...enough said!  Click here for a preview.

I mean, anything starring Vince Vaughn is bound to be hilarious!  He and Reese Witherspoon star as a couple trying to visit all of their parents (all of whom are divorced) on Christmas.  Vince and Reese have awesome chemistry, and their performance in the nativity scene at church is one of my favorite Vince Vaughn moments of all time!!!  Click here for a preview.

Nicholas Cage and Tea Leoni star in this "What If?" tale.  Womanizing investment broker Jack (Nicholas Cage) goes to sleep one night, only to wake up the next morning in a house in New Jersey next to his college girlfriend (Tea Leoni), who is now suddenly his wife and mother to his children.  Hilarious and heartwarming, this fantasy film that takes place during the holidays will have you laughing and crying all at once!  Click here for a preview.

*Sigh*  ANYTHING starring Ryan Reynolds is ok in my book!  My sweet little Ry Ry stars as a formerly hefty guy whose shed the extra ellbees and is now home for Christmas.  While visiting his hometown, he runs into Jamie (Amy Smart), his former best friend/unrequited love from high school, and romantic comedy ensues.  SWOON.  Click here for a preview.

Dontcha just love Bridge?!  See Renee Zellweger in one of her most beloved roles, Hugh Grant in a rare turn as the 'villain,' and Colin Firth in the role that made us all fall in love with him just a little bit! (I mean...the Christmas reindeer sweater?!  Adorable!)  Click here for a preview.

Whatta cast!  Starring Jude Law, Cameron Diaz, Jack Black, and Kate Winslet, this movie is about two fed-up women who agree to swap homes in each other countries during the holiday season.  During the swap, each one meets a native cutie pie...adorable!  Click here for a preview.

Edward Scissorhands
This is by far my favorite fantasy movie of all time!  It begins with a woman telling her granddaughter where snow comes from by telling her the story of Edward Scissorhands.  Johnny Depp stars as the gentle Edward, an unfinished creation who has scissors for hands.  Taken in by a suburban family, Edward falls in love with their daughter, Kim (Winona Ryder).  Directed by Tim Burton, this movie is gorgeous to look at; from the breathtaking winter-y scenes to the more-perfect-than-Wisteria-Lane backdrop, it is a feast for the eyes!  Click here for a preview.

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  1. Thanks for the list! I love a number of these holiday movies, so I think we have similar taste. I'll be checking out the others for certain this year.