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Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Pajama Party!

Happy First Day of Winter, Everyone!  
Ooooh, this time of year makes me SO excited to get cozy!  I love nothing more than pulling out my wintertime PJ's on a cold night.  Check out this stylish sleepwear and get ready to snuggle up.  In the meantime, I hope everyone is having a glamorous holiday season, and I'll see you after Christmas xo!!!

LOVE these PJ's - especially the sweet button detailing on the sleeves - and there are so many more adorable options to choose from.  The pink polka dot ones are my favorite...they remind me of a modern-day version of something my idol would wear!

Thermal PJ's are great because the cuffed detailing on the sleeves and pants helps to keep you SUPER warm.  I love this set...it reminds me of a Christmas candy cane!

Nick & Nora Women's Flannel Coat Set - Pink/Blue Snowdrift Deer
OMG - I am obsessed with these!  From the pretty pale blue color to the pink lining inside the sleeves and pant cuffs to the gorgeous snowflakes to the pink deer - these are just the sweetest pair of holiday PJ's!

large image view
I just ADORE this PJ set!  The white hearts against the pink background are so sweet, and the lace detailing at the top adds a little bit of sexiness...the PERFECT combination!

To keep yourself warm while wearing Betsey's sweet n' saucy little number, throw this LUXURIOUS robe on over it...*SIGH*...heaven:

Barefoot Dreams® CozyChic® Robe
Pair these (or the ones below) with a soft n' cozy long-sleeved Tee.

Mix and match these comfy PJ bottoms with some fun slippers!  Old Navy has such cute options to choose from:

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  1. Love the pink heart jammies! Might need to order those!

    Happy holidays!