Who's This Glamour Girl?

Friday, December 9, 2011

Glamour Friday: ChickLitIsNotDead.com

Lisa (Left) & Liz (Right)
Welcome to Glamour Friday, everyone!  OMG, I can't even HANDLE how happy I am to be talking about two of my favorite ladies who are like rock stars to me!  It is with CRAZY EXCITEMENT that I introduce you to Liz Fenton and Lisa Steinke - co-founders of one of my FAVORITE websites - ChickLitIsNotDead.com!  

*Sigh*  Where do I even begin?!  "Chick Lit" stands for "Chick Literature" - ya know - literature for chicks!  Think: romantic comedy in book form.  I have to admit, I USED TO be embarrassed about my love of these books.  It's like when someone asks you what your favorite movie is and you have to come up with something clever like Citizen Kane, when REALLY, it's When Harry Met Sally...

Best happy ending ever!
Well, no longer am I embarrassed by my chick lit addiction!  Ever since discovering Chick Lit Is Not Dead, I want to shout it from the rooftops: "I LOVE CHICK LIT!"  As the website's tagline so cutely states, this site was founded by "two girls who believe that books with high fashion and happy endings never go out of style."  How can you argue with that?!  

Every time I visit this website, I feel like a kid in a candy store: "Where do I look first?"  It's pretty and girly, choc full of adorable features, and written in a tone that makes you feel like you're chatting it up with a friend.  One of my FAAAAVORITE parts of the site is the author interviews, where everyone from Emily Giffin (author of Something Borrowed and Something Blue) to Lauren Weisberger (author of The Devil Wears Prada) answers a series of fun, cute questions, like "What's on your bucket list?" or "What are your five Do's and a Do-over?"  It's such a great way to get to know the authors you love.  
And of course, my number one favorite thing about peeping this site is that it's a great way to fall in love with NEW authors, too!  It's actually where I discovered Beth Kendrick, author of Exes and Ohs, which I posted about here.  I seriously NEVER buy a book without visiting Chick Lit Is Not Dead first.  I HIGHLY recommend stopping by.  It's like a playground for your brain...you'll just never wanna leave!  

I gotta say, Liz and Lisa have RIDICULOUS inner glamour happening.  I love the story of their friendship, which you can read about here.  When I asked Liz if her friendship with Lisa has changed now that they reside in different states, she said that they actually appreciate their friendship that much more.  And how do they keep in touch?  In between visits every six weeks, they text, text, text away, and chat live every few days.  

PS...These two women are UNBELIEVABLY driven and passionate about writing!  In addition to running their fabulous site, Liz and Lisa have co-authored two books: I'll Have Who She's Having and The D Word, which have received AMAZING reviews, AND, they're hoping to come out with their third book early in 2012.

DEFINITELY check out the adorable, charming, girly, cute ChickLitIsNotDead.com!  You'll become addicted!  OH, and peep Liz and Lisa's blogroll and you'll see none other than yours truly listed there...I KNOW!!!  For this, and for their FABULOUS site, I want to thank Liz and Lisa!  These two women inspire me in so many ways, and I hope they inspired you today, too!

Have a glamorous weekend xo!


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